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All right now we hit the closing period of Rio 2016 torch run waiting and get some arts of Rio 2016 is almost done for all people here. And all art must be in days before the torch run start. Ok. I batter let you know we enter the closing period now. Ok then. Ok.

PS. The torch run in Rio 2016 lead them to the Rio 2016 opening ceremonies. Ok then. Ok. I batter let you know. And the ceremonies starts mean all art must end. Because of Olympic copyrights laws. If you break it. You might baned off of this page easy. So don't do that. So that I'm telling you all art end by the torch run starts. Ok then. Ok. And that it.

So bye everyone.
hey hey artfolks. im getting ready for the olympics spirit qwest to rio, brazil. coming in 2016. so make art to something to do with the rio 2016 olympics/paralympics, toronto 2015 pan american games, baku 2015 european games, lilliehammer 2016 youth olympics. if there art made the best i give them the a+ for that art and if it is not a one. well don 't blame on me then. blame to yoursluff. i will be check on the art if you are finish only. and that is it. so are you ready for the olympic spirit qwest to rio, brazil everyone. and lets go then.

-Joshua the Neko (Joshua Andrew Spisak) 2/9/2015
to everyone on this site only.
and good luck here. see you at the next journal entry everyone. bye.